About Me

Trying to get my mom's old clunker to work...
Trying to get my mom’s old clunker to work…

Although I do dabble in art from time to time, Real Estate, and I develop web-sites, I am truly a life-long student of business. My time is usually spent on my online business and promoting and marketing other people’s products and services. I hold two degrees from SNHU, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and an MBA.  I am the founder of Affirmative Business Solutions, an internet marketing and consulting company, and I own and operate numerous affiliate marketing sites – one of which you are on right now.

You could say that I’m a bit of an artist when it comes to being creative with business or providing solutions to others via my support and mentoring services. I love art, and so, with full appreciation of art and the creative process, I wanted to share beautiful artistic “one of a kind” functional items along with other, more traditional, gifts for seasonal gift giving.

Although many items on this site are from stores and are mass produced, I am also sharing items that are available through other sites that offer specialty products. Some of these items are “originals,” but the artist’s have made their art and beautiful designs available through sites such as Cafe Press, Etsy, and more.  Consequently, and seeing that I’m an advocate for business, especially small business, I will happily support artists in their artistic endeavors and offer their works through my sites. For actual one-of-a-kind Art Treasures and/or Handcrafted Gifts, please visit my other site:  InfinityArtsandGiftsGallery.com. If you are also an artist and/or you create beautiful art or handmade one of a kind items that you wish to sell, I invite you to join us!

Thank you for stopping by!