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Product Features

  • Size M: Neck Girth:8-9.5inch;Chest Girth:14-15.5inch;Back Length:8.5-10inch; for weight 5.5-10 pounds
  • Velvet material,soft and cozy, for party or halloween
  • Be a nice gift for your baby, we are sure they will love it
  • Available for small size pet, such Cat, Chihnuahua, Maltese,Poodle, Pomeranian, Yourkshire Terrier,Bichon Frise,Min Pinscher,Jack Russell Terrier, Shih Tzu, Pug
  • This clothes is Asia size and made in China.Please take a measurement of your dog or cat before purchasing !!!
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Product Description

How to measure the dog size?

Chest: measure the thickest part of the chest, add 2~3CM will be better. (Usually behind the two legs)
Length: Make sure your dog stands properly, not sitting or lying. Measure along the dog’s backbone from the base of the neck to 5CM front the base of the tail.
Neck: the girth of the neck, add 2~3CM will be better.

Note: If your dog is a large chest, long hair, or at the high end of the size, you may order the next larger size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Size Details:

This dog clothes is for small toy dogs or cat under 20 pounds

Size XS: Neck Girth:6-7inch;Chest Girth:10-11.5inch.Back Length:6-8inch; Weight 1-2 pounds
Size S: Neck Girth:7-8.5inch;Chest Girth:11-12.5inch;Back Length:7-8.5inch; Weight 2-5.5 pounds
Size M: Neck Girth:8-9.5inch;Chest Girth:14-15.5inch;Back Length:8.5-10inch; Weight 5.5-10 pounds
Size L: Neck Girth:9.5-11inch;Chest Girth:15.5-17inch;Back Length:10.5-12inch; Weight 10-14 pounds
Size XL: Neck Girth:11-12.5inch;Chest Girth:18-19.5inch;Back Length:12.5-14inch; Weight 14-18.5 pounds

Breed recommed: (for reference only):

Teddy or Poodle Adult dogs: sometime take M, L, XL
Chihuahua Adult dogs: sometime take XS, S or M
Pomeranian Adult dogs: sometime take S or M
Miniature Schnauzers Adult dogs: sometime take L or XL

The recommend weight is just for reference, please kindly take a measurement of your dog before buy,thanks.

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