Novelty Latex Rubber Creepy Scary Ugly Baby Head the Goonies Sloth Mask Halloween Party Costume Decorations by BengPro

Product Features

  • Creepy But Hilarious ! Very scary. Looked like the real Sloth.
  • 100% natural latex, environmental and non-toxic. For Most Adults.
  • Good stretch, shrink, durable, easy to carry .
  • Comfortable and breathable, see through the mask's mouth and nose's hole.
  • Great for Masquerade Parties, Costume Parties, Carnival, Christmas, Easter, Halloween or any other parties
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Product Description

Hey, you guuuuys! I’m very ugly but I very gentleness.
Inspired by the cult adventure-comedy film of the 80’s, The Goonies
Droopy eye, Coned head, Rotten, Gummy teeth. I think you will still love it.
It can enhance more happy and active atmosphere for your festival or party when you wear it.
Perfect for masquerade parties,gifts,costume parties,carnival,christmas,easter,New Years Eve Party,Halloween,etc.

Please note Notes:

When you first open the packaging it may have a little latex odor.
Just don’t worry, it’s the normal odor of latex, put it under ventilated place for one day, the odor will disappear.
You can put a small towel or tea towel inside the head to give padding.
If you are allergic to latex, please don’t wear this.
Kids under 3 yrs must be under the guidance of parents to use the mask.
Keep away from fire.
Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting.All pictures are real stock photos.

Package Included:
1 x The Goonies Sloth Mask

Here are some tips to get the most enjoyment from our masks
Please be aware that the vacuum packaging may cause a slight deformation issue.
I say slight because it will go back to its original and intended shape in a couple of hours.
Just use something to hold the mask open.
We suggest a wig stand or Styrofoam mannequin which can be found and purchased cheaply.
One customer says that a small waste basket turned upside down will also work.
In order to make our mask look more realistic we intentionally made the slits for eyes and mouth small.
However, if needed, you can improve your sight by reworking our mask at home carefully cut them larger.

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