DREAMOWL Inflatable Giant Poop Emoji Costume for Adult Kids Halloween Party Game

Product Features

  • Material : Polyester
  • Size is for height over 1.5-2 meters( Adults, Teens available)
  • Includes´╝ÜSuit, a Fan,a reference, a Battery pack,4-AA batteries are required (not included)
  • Inflate using motor powered by 4 AA batteries, pouch carries motor, zip up below.There are four holes available for hands and legs (The holes are stretchable).The head piece has permeable material for eyes.It inflates quickly (less than 1 minute) and fits many different shapes and sizes in many situations (from 1.5M to 2Meters, with room to spare). The ventilator that inflates the suit ensures that you don't get overheated.
  • Great for Fun Runs, Dancing Around,Sporting Events, Halloween, School Spirit Day, Advertising,Stage play, Videotaping
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Product Description

  • It was a hit and a hoot. All of the materials are sturdy. This will not tear by accident.
  • There is a fan stitched into the suit with a wire going to a battery pack that clips on a belt or pocket. On the battery pack there is a small switch at one end. Assembly of the fan is a breeze – plug into the on/off switch and done. Batteries are not included.
  • Fan is very light and has to be on to stay inflated. As soon as you turn it off it deflates. It is totally safe and It doesn’t heat up. It’s easy to sit down in it. But you can’t bounce in it. It’s just a light and soft material that immediately deflates once the pump is turned off.
  • This Poop Emoji Inflatable Costume brings you fun for every season, halloween, christmas, mardi gras, easter, and all in-between.

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